Irian Jaya – Travelogue of an expedition into the stoneage

Not many know West Papua (Irian Jaya), the western part of New Guinea. Located near Australia. And even less do the people living there know. Especially the numerous, remote and often difficult to reach tribes with their Stone Age ways of life and rites. Some tribe even awaits discovery.

Due to popular demand, the travelogue and picture galleries about the West Papua Expedition (Irian Jaya) are now available in English.


Ein Gedanke zu „Irian Jaya – Travelogue of an expedition into the stoneage“

  1. Dear Sir

    I would like to inform you that in the north of Sumatra island, the area called „Aceh“ province, there is still more „primitive human“ then west Papua people. The local commutity said SUKU MANTE.
    No house, no language, … still like animal. You have to go there. Some information you have take in youtube indonesian language.
    Thank you.

    Leon Simanjuntak

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